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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the expectations for me between sessions?

During each session we will define tasks that you want to achieve or explore before we meet again. The success of the Integrated Action Approach is based on the premise that change happens through interactions in the real world.

What role can family members play in treatment?

Family members are invited to the first session to share impressions and help foster communication. In the case of a client with organizational needs, we often have follow up sessions to determine how the family member can act as a “consultant” to prove support to the client.

Is there communication with you between sessions?

If desired, you are always welcome to email or leave me voice mail regarding task progress. Some clients like to have brief sessions during the week, which are billed on a prorated basis.

Are my sessions covered by insurance?

As an out of network provider, I will give you a receipt that may be submitted to your insurance company. Actual reimbursement is a function of your mental health coverage.

How many sessions will it take for me to see improvement?

I like to think that improvement begins in the first session when the goal setting process is introduced. Throughout our sessions you will define what you want to achieve, and we will break the task down into manageable pieces so that success is attained in increments. Most clients, especially those with ADHD and executive functioning disorders, discover that improvement is defined as a combination of building on our strengths and reworking our environmental scaffolding.

How does your approach help me to follow through on my plan?

We will begin each session with a review of goals and track task completion. Looking forward, goals will be revised, as necessary, and tasks for the next period of time will be identified. Goal setting is always accompanied by a review of the requisite skills and cognitive behavioral strategies to help ensure success.

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